Raw caramel cheesecake

The RAW Obsession

You’ve most likely heard someone somewhere raving about this amazing raw cheesecake recipe they’ve just found, or that trendy new raw café you absolutely have to try out. But if you haven’t yet jumped on the raw buzz you might be wondering why the heck anyone would choose raw baking over the regular kind…especially when… Continue reading The RAW Obsession

Grey sea scape
Personal Growth

Stripped Back

Where to begin… The last few months have been crazy, emotional, exhilerating, stressful and life-altering for me. So many things have happened, both big and small, that have pulled me apart and rebuilt me several times over…or maybe that’s being a little dramatic. But in all honesty, I feel like I have had a huge… Continue reading Stripped Back

Health, Recipes

Health meets happiness: sour cherry chocolate bark

Hello friends! It has been a week of celebrations in our house, with both Mother's Day and my birthday falling within a few days of each other. Which means there was a large consumption of delicious treats! Now I have a confession for you...if you hadn't already worked it out, I have an insatiable sweet… Continue reading Health meets happiness: sour cherry chocolate bark


Simply scrumptious: the building blocks of a healthy diet

It is so easy to find excuses for not sticking to a regular, balanced diet…the ingredients are too expensive, it takes too much time to prepare a healthy meal, I don’t know what to cook, healthy food is bland and boring! I have been there, I have made all the excuses, and I have suffered… Continue reading Simply scrumptious: the building blocks of a healthy diet



So I absolutely LOVE breakfast…whether it’s pancakes or smoothies, eggs or an omelette, I could honestly have breakfast for every meal of the day! But as the winter months draw closer and the temperatures begin to drop, there is one thing I crave above anything else…the humble oats! I actually grew up hating porridge. I… Continue reading Oat-a-licious!