Mother’s Day inspiration: a gift from the heart

Special Occasions

For me, Mother’s Day becomes more special with each year that passes.

I used to take it all for granted…the hours my mother spent carting me around to sports practice and piano lessons, the comfort and support she gave me when it felt like no-one else was on my side, the scolding and rule-setting that shaped my values and helped me grow into the person I am today. I used to take and never say thank you, because in my eyes that’s what mothers were for. I used to expect everything and never once thought that maybe she would appreciate something in return.

But as I grew up little by little, I started to see things more clearly. And I realised how damn lucky I had been all these years. I began to see how special my mother truly is, and how she would constantly sacrifice her own time and money to make sure that we had everything we needed. She gave selflessly, simply for the joy of making us happy.

And so each year, as Mother’s Day approaches, I think it’s so important to find a gift that truly shows how much you appreciate you mum. A gift that comes from the heart and speaks of all the thought and effort you’ve put into showing how much you care (although it definitely doesn’t need to break the bank). So today I’ve put together my three most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas, just in case you needed a little inspiration for a gift of your own…

1) Treat her to a spa day

If your mum enjoys a bit of pampering, what better way to show her that you care than to give her a luxurious pampering experience in her own home! All you need is: a foot bath, a soothing body wash or bath soak, an exfoliating body scrub, an aromatic moisturiser or body oil, a cleansing facemask and a couple of towels.


Simply add the body wash or bath soak to the foot bath, which should be half filled with warm water, and have her submerge both feet to begin. Apply a thin layer of the facemask, which will be left on for the duration of the foot spa. Gently massage each foot with a generous amount of exfoliating body scrub, and rinse thoroughly with the water. Remove her feet from the foot bath, towel dry, and massage in the moisturiser or body oil. When you’re finished, rinse off the facemask with fresh water, and voila!

2) Serve her up a delicious breakfast in bed

How often does your mum have any meals cooked for her, let alone have them brought to her in bed? It is such a treat, and will give her the best start to her Sunday. Choose her favourite breakfast, or try surprise her with something completely new…you know what she would like best! And if you are stuck for ideas on what to cook, check out this Hot Cross Bun Pancake recipe on the blog, or try making a stack of corn fritters. They’re both delicious, nutritious, and are great for those mums with dairy or gluten allergies.

3) Pack a picnic hamper filled with her favourite treats

FullSizeRenderIf you are pressed for time, but still want to show your mum you are thinking of her on Mother’s Day, why not send her a picnic basket filled with goodies? Add in a lovely note explaining why you chose each item, and this personalises the gift to really show her you care! For example you could include a slice of the bacon and egg pie your mum always packed for family outings…or the specialty chocolates she always kept hidden to stop you from snaffling them…or even the biscuits she made for your lunchbox as a kid. Make it a basket full of memories, because that’s the part she’ll appreciate the most!

Mother’s Day really shouldn’t be about throwing money at a pile of meaningless gifts. If you take a bit of time to think about what your mum would most enjoy, the day will mean so much more. So I hope that this gives you some ideas if you’re feeling stuck, and most of all I hope that all the mothers out there feel the love and appreciation they deserve!

Charlotte x


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