Beat the jet lag: THE ESSENTIALS

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Hello friends!

So I have just returned from a fabulous, spontaneous trip to North America (and when I say spontaneous, I mean I literally booked my last connecting flight about two weeks before leaving…which freaked me out a little, but what the heck!) and although I had an amazing time, there was one thing that really dampened my travel buzz…

The jet lag! Now I know this is something that the majority of us suffer from, but when it steals two whole days from a 12 day trip, it’s really quite frustrating!! I almost thought that I had managed to cheat the jet lag this time, but after one good night’s sleep I spent the second night wide awake, only to crash the following day. And of course this led to me being groggy and miserable, with a horrendous outbreak of nasty red splotches all over my face and a dysfunctional digestive system! Not the best way to start a holiday.

So in order to prevent you from going through the same pointless suffering, I have complied a list of my top three travel essentials for staying on top of that jet lag. Whether you are jet-setting to the other side of the world, or simply heading on a family road trip, these items will help to keep you fresh and comfortable so you can really get the most out of your holiday!


1) Sleep SprayIMG_2749.JPG

I think one of the worst things about travelling is how out-of-whack your body clock gets…even when there’s not that much of a time difference! It’s always so hard to sleep in a new bed, with new sounds and a pillow that isn’t quite what you are used to. So make sure you bring along a natural sleep spray, to gently reset your system and to help ease you into a regular, healthy sleep pattern. It truly makes all the difference!

2) Face Masks
For some people this may seem a little frivolous. I know a couple of years ago this definitely wouldn’t have made it inside my suitcase, let alone on my top three ‘essentials’! But hear me out, okay? When you are run down, your body struggles to reset and detoxify. Which is why if you are anything like me, your skin ends up red and blotchy, with dark circles the size of 50 cent pieces under your eyes! Not a pretty sight. So by using a deep-cleansing face mask a couple of times a week while travelling, you are actually helping your body to draw out the impurities in the skin, as well as giving yourself some much deserved relaxation time. Win win, in my opinion!
3) Nutrition BarsIMG_2751.JPG
Now when I say nutrition bars, I don’t mean the ones packed full of sugar or preservatives. What you should look for are bars that contain wholesome, nutritious ingredients, that will provide you with a quick energy boost while also giving you a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The ones I choose are the Arbonne Essentials protein snack bars, as they’re loaded with plant-based protein, high-fibre seeds, and are super scrumptious…without any artificial nasties thrown in there. So have a few of your favourite clean nutrition bars on hand, to keep your systems running at full capacity and to give you the energy to beat off that jet lag!
These three items are the first to go into my bag these days, I absolutely swear by them! They are the tools that make travelling bearable, easing the pain of jet lag and letting you enjoy your holiday from the get-go. So to all my fellow adventurers, I hope this helps on your next trip!
Charlotte xx

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